Servo-electric press brake type APES

Baykal servo-electric press brake type APES is a 100% electrically driven press brake, which offers both sustainability and manufacturing efficiency. It is user-friendly and modular with a variety of configurations, capable of meeting any production need. The
servo-electric press brake offers you versatility and lower power consumption, less maintenance and no need
of hydraulic oil.

Features for APES:
• User-friendly touch screen with ESA or DELEM control.
• Sustainablity.
• 50% lower consumption compared to hydraulic press brakes.
• Fiessler safety system.
• 30% shorter cycle times on average.
• Quick change tooling system.
• Intuitive touch screen
• Rigid O-frame construction
• High repeating accuracy.
• Absence of thermal influence of hydraulic oil.
• Less CO2 emission.
• AC servo motors on four axles drive this double-pulley system
• Even distribution of tonnage entire bed lenght; no crowning needed
• No throat depth obstacle.
• Ready for robotic applications.
• Ready for Industry 4.0
• Front and rear safeguarding.

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