Automatic bandsaw type XTECH

Automatic bandsaw type XTECH CNC twin column straight cut combining extremely solid mechanical structure and advanced technology to guarantee high production process and high accuracy.

  • The blade guides are equipped with hard metal pads and kept hydraulically in contact with the blade.
  • The blade is tensioned by hydraulic cylinder and is controlled by the software of the saw.
  • The special double section allows to support the pulleys from both sides by a couple of big-size bearings
  • Up to 99 programs with different cutting lengths and quantity can be memorized
  • The added advantage of this design enables the use of high performance TCT bandsaw blades
  • Hydraulically pressure of ground TCT blade guides for maximum precision and squareness of cut

Download below PDF-file "CAPACITIES" to see all specs, sizes and equipment for automatic bandsaws type XTECH

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