CNC plasma cutter type BPS-PRO

CNC plasma cutter type BPS-PROis the "flagship" in plasma cutting, when talking about quality and precision. Type BPS-PRO can be configured in a variety of solutions, of one or more oxygen-heads or with a combination of both plasma and oxygen-head. The table on the machines will be delivered to the specific task depending on the sheet thicknesses.

This machine are delivered with Hypertherm power sources, all of which can be supplied with their "true hole" technology. Therefore it will always be possible to achieve the maximum roundness at surfaces and precision, when cutting holes and smaller contours.

  • X and Yaxis travel on precision linear rail guides

  •  Torch-height travel with ball screws on dual linear guides

    - Fast and accurate positioning with

    - AC brushless servo motors:


  • Y-axis: dual synchronised servo drives

    X-axis: single servo drive


  • Cutting width 3000 - 4500 mm
  • Cutting length 5200 - 16200 mm
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