Fiber laser type BLS-F

Fiber laser type BLS-F with high-speed linear motors from Siemens with dual circuit water chiller.

BLS-F Fiber laser cutting machine offers you the highest quality parts in thin sheet metal range with the best part precision and the highest efficiency. This machine is a perfect solution for the job shop production and for the suppliers which already have CO2 cutting system as a complementary and cost-efficient one. With all three axes driven by linear drives. 3-axis linear drive system also ensures superior accuracy and positioning.

• Advanced Precitec laser cutting head
• Tactile height following for non conductive materials.
• Lantek Nesting system
• Transfer tables
• Auto nozzle cleaning and calibration
• Parts debris conveyor


  • Cutting width 1500 - 2000 mm
  • Cutting length 3000 - 6000 mm

Download below PDF-file "CAPACITIES" to see all models, sizes and equipment for fiber laser type BLS-F

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