Fiber laser type Smartline

TCI Smartline Fiber Laser series consists of innovative, high-quality machines, manufactured in Spain offering high productivity and minimal maintenance costs. The compact design of Smartline makes it extremely space-saving. It is a high-precision machine with high cutting speeds.

Smartline is equipped with a Precitec cutting head. Easy processing of copper, titanium and brass. All components are delivered from world-class manufacturers and/or are developed and manufactured by TCI. Various kinds of accessories and components can be delivered for the Smartline Fiber Laser.

• Precitec laser cutting head
• CNC with laser control
• Resonator with reflecting sensors
• Y-axis: 1 motor / X-axis 2 motors that run synchronously
• Easy programming by means of CAD/CAM software

Download below PDF-file "CAPACITIES" to see all models, sizes and equipment for fiber laser type Smartline

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