Semi-automatic bandsaw type XS

Semi-automatic bandsaw type XS

The semi-automatic hydraulic straight cut bandsaws type XS embody the best sawing technology and the best performance in the cutting of special steel. Electro-welded structure and steel sawframe meet every cutting needs and eliminates vibration and noise.

  • Constructed with extra sturdy welded steel to avoid vibrations and make the saw as noise-free as possible
  • The rollers for the positioning of the material are driven by an oleodynamic motor
  • Finely ground TCT blade guides are hydraulically tensioned for maximum precision and squareness of cut
  • The sawblade is tensioned by means of an hydraulic cylinder controlled by the machine software
  • The hydraulic unit is equipped with a variable capacity pump, complete with pressure reducer
  • During the cutting cycle the software compares the blade stress with the pre-selected one

Download below PDF-file "CAPACITIES" to see all specs, sizes and equipment for semi-automatic bandsaws type XS

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