Waterjet/Plasma cutting machine type SM-S & SM-M

TCI waterjet-/plasma cutting machines type SM-S & SM-M are innovative, flexible combination machines of extremely high quality, manufactured in Spain, using the newest technology for product optimization. The machines can handle all types of jobs, and you have the possibility of using two independent cutting arms, located in two different work areas.

The SM-M series machine allows both the installation of a second independent cutting table as well as the extension of the main cutting table, thereby maximizing performance. SM-M also offers the option of enclosure to facilitate clean and silent functioning and occupying minimal space.

A plasma head can be built onto type SM-S.

The machines are very profitable, especially due to the fact that you can run several work processes simultaneously.

Download below PDF-file "CAPACITIES" to see all models, sizes and equipment for waterjet/plasma cutting machine type SM

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