About Kapema

Kapema has the widest range of products within the sheet metal industry. A huge number of machines and spares in stock, short delivery times, and a professional organization make Kapema an attractive partner for all branches of the metal industry. Today Kapema is one of the leading companies in sales and service of machines for the metal industry.


Kapema’s vision is to be an international trading company and the preferred supplier of machines within the sheet metal industry. It must be a profitable and innovative company, based on a positive view of people, attracting skilled employees and external partners.

Basis of ideas

Kapema must be a competent and reliable supplier of standard metalworking machines. The machines must meet the customers' needs for efficiency, they must be reliable and simple to operate, as well as respect the requirements for safety and the environment.

Quality goal

Customers must receive products that meet their requirements and expectations! We must ensure consistency between customers' expectations and our own perception of the requirements for the products' quality level.


Kapema was founded in 2004 and is a competent and reliable supplier of machinery for sheet metal working. Besides buying and selling new and used equipment, we offer all kinds of services and automation of both new and existing machines.

The industry’s widest range of products, including storekeeping of both machines and spare parts, as well as a unique service organization Kapema is an attractive partner within all areas of the sheet metal
working industry. Today we are one of the leading companies within sales and service of machinery for metallurgy.

With a constant focus on development, close relationships and innovation, we have been able to maintain a market leading position. Our exhibition facilities in Thisted are always open for demonstrations of any kind of machinery for sheet metal working as well as cutting.

We offer the market’s most complete setup and deliver turnkey solutions such as:

  • Uncovering the client’s needs
  • Supplying and installing machines
  • Conducting machine courses
  • Servicing the machine fleet
Kristian Mortensen
Managing Director
Mogens Sørensen
Sales Manager
Gert Thomsen
Area Sales Manager
Jette Holm
Søs Nielsen
Niels Mogensen
Head of Service Dept.
Jan Lund Danielsen
Service Technician
Torben Andersen
Peter Mortensen