Fiber laser

Senfeng fiber lasers are manufactured in a modern design, which is both efficient and spacesaving in your production. Kapema is a dealer of Senfeng in Denmark, and we have already sold a great number of Senfeng lasers with huge success.  Senfeng fiber lasers are available at very competitive prices without compromising with quality. The lasers are versatile and comes in different shapes and sizes with various features giving great pleasure working with a Senfeng laser. Senfeng offers both fiber laser and pipe laser cutting machines. Exchangeable working tables are available both as stationary and mobile. Fiber laser from Senfeng is extremely operation-friendly, and can easily be operated by most people without major insight. Large parts of the functions of the fiber lasers are automated, such as automatic identification of edges, automatic nesting, intelligent diagnosis, automatic acceleration at corners and much more.

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