CoastOne Multitapper type M1212

”Super helper for threading and countersinking of holes”

CoastOne in Finland has produced this Multitapper for threading sheet metal parts from lasers or punching machines. The machine can also be used for countersinking or drilling of threads.
As standard, it is equipped with 3 pcs. spindles of which 2 are for threading and the 3rd is for countersinking. If you want to drill, a 4th station can be offered for drilling from Ø1-10 mm.
The model TapOne T1212 is equipped with 3 pcs. spindles as standard. The table on this model is fixed and the heads move on a 3-axis bridge. On the MT 1212, the workpieces are positioned using pliers in the X axis and the bridge with the spindles runs in the Y+Z axes.
The multi-tapper is ideal for threading and countersinking, as well as for both large and small parts and microjointed parts.
CoastOne also offers to make a post processor that adapts to the software program that the customer uses for either laser or punches. The software used for the machine is called ”SheetCam” and can be downloaded for free. 1212 is equipped with  OMRON control.

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