Style slantbed lathe type SB

The SB slantbed lathes are designed to deliver high performance in combination with the simple, intuitive Style
control. The accessible Style CNC control come with great functions, such as 3D simulation, 19” touch screen,
DxF file import, free contour drawing and much more.

Type SB lathes are designed and produced in Holland, and are among the absolute best in their segment.

- Machine lightning
- Coolant system
- Automatic lubrication
- Steel ball screw seals
- Sliding doors at the front of the machine
- Electronic handwheels
- Constant cutting speed
- Tailstock with hydraulic pinole
- Chip conveyor chain type
- Hydraulic 3-jaw chuck with set hard and soft jaws
- Hydraulic BOT automatic tool changer, 8 positions
- Coolant pump switch
- RPM potentiometer

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