Davi plate bending machine type MCA

Davi plate bending machine type MCA is very innovative and exclusive in design, to roll plate up to 10-15 mm thick. Accurate, fast, easy and intuitive, it is the most high-tech plate roll for "light gauge" in the market. No need to pre-bend the two edges of the plate first, and then roll, as on any three roll. A cylinder can be rolled, including the pre-bending of both ends, feeding the plate forward through the rolls, one time only.

Type MCA can be equipped with various CNC-controls, depending on the job to be carried out on the machine.


  • Servo-tronic system
  • Roll-by-wire
  • Planetary guides
  • Top bearing housing

Download below PDF-file "SPECIFICATIONS" to read more about Davi plate bending machines type MCA or check out Davi's catalogue "DAVI MCA"

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