Semi-automatic circular saw type Velox 350SH-E

Semi-automatic circular saw type Velox 350SH-E suited to cut aluminium and light metals solid and profiles with high accuracy. Possibility to set the machine for brass and copper profiles. Programming of all operations by the keyboard, including setting of the start-cut and end-cut points; machine status shown on display.

  • Mitre cutting from 0° - 45° right and left
  • Head rotates 45° in the vertical axis
  • Easy stops at 0°, 15°, 30° and 45° right and left
  • Hand wheel to lock head at any angle
  • Scale engraved in the table
  • Programming of all operations by keyboard
  • 2 pneumatic vices with quick tension
  • Vices run sideways across the width of the table
  • Replaceable jaws on vices
  • Complete circular saw blade guard
  • Dust extractor can be added
  • Base with tank for cooling pump


Download below PDF-file "CAPACITIES" to see all models and sizes for circular saw type VELOX 350 SH-E

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