Erbend Folding Machine type MFA

Erbend CNC servo combi motorised folding machine type MFA is a sturdy machine with high speed and high flexibility with 180” rotating clamping beam with 2 tool stations. MFA is an extremely versatile folding machine, able to bend many different profiles, boxes etc. by means of various tools, which are easy exchangeable. You can design and produce your items within a few minutes by means of the user friendly control.

• Servo drive of clamping and back gauge ( Z / X axis)
• 15,6” touch screen
• CNC control with ERFOLD CNC software
• AC high torque motorized drive of folding and beam rotation ( Y / C axis)
• COMBI CLAMPING BEAM with 2 tool stations
• Ballscrew spindle system with dual motor drives on clamping and folding
• Clamping beam opening height 250 mm (without tools)
• 120 mm high goat foot tools on station 1
• 30° - R1 sharp nose clamping beam tools on station 2
• Folding beam tools as 10 ,15 or 25 and 35 mm (2 sets)
• Manual folding beam adjustment 80 mm (A axis)
• 1500 mm rectangular back gauge table with ball casters
• Led function lights
• 3 switch foot pedal

Download below PDF-file "SPECIFICATIONS" to see all specs for Erbend type MFA motorised folding machine

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