Jutec pipe bending machine type 6000

Jutec pipe bending machine type 6000

The compact, mobile type of construction enables precise and repeatable bending up to an outer diameter of 60mm both stationary and at the place of mounting. A strong three-phase motor and a precision gear cater for powerful drive. By means of position recording directly on the bending axis we achieve optimum bending accuracy. The bending angle is easily and quickly set via a comfortable and menu-driven user interface with touchscreen control, which guarantees an even more intuitive operation.

For more complex bending tasks, bending programs can be stored, which provide a succession of angles of 8 bends max. per geometry. By the multi-function control, the bending speed for the forward and reverse can be set variable and there is configurable overbend function to compensate for material springback. At the end of the bow, the tool returns automatically, whereby the bending process is significantly shorter.

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