Kimtech waterjet cutting machine

Kimtech waterjet cutting machines are developed and manufactured in Sweden. They are precision CNC-controlled machines using cutting edge technology to deliver an easy to operate, reliable cutting solution.

The pump is exposed to an enormous pressure when this handles pressures up to 4100 bar over a long time. In the Swedish and Northern European market, pumps manufacturer FLOW proved to be the only one who are able to handle this task. This is the reason that all the machines are provided with Kimtech FLOW pumps.

  • Optional: Automatic cutting distance and bevel cutting
  • Optional: Automatic altitude control
  • Software especially developed for waterjet cutting
  • IGEMS Nesting
  • Angle cutting


  • Sizes 1x2 m - 5x20 m
  • Sheet thickness up to 300 mm

Download below PDF-file "SPECIFICATIONS" to see additional specs for waterjet cutting machine type Kimtech

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