Hydraulic press brake type APHS HYBRID

Baykal press brake type APHS HYBRID is an ECO-friendly press brake, with up to 60% energy savings and low maintenance costs.
User-friendly and modular with a variety of possible configurations, capable of meeting any production need.
Benefits of this technology include substantial power saving as you don’t have a conventional AC motor running all or most the time. The servos only activate as required. High productivity due to reduced cycle times and higher process reliability.

Features for APHS HYBRID:
• Reduced cycle time by 30% or more.
• Up to a 60% energy savings while in standby.
• Higher productiviy - 100t conventional=110 mm/sec. / 100t Hybrid=200 mm/sec.
• Motorised Guard System, easy-openable door with remote control.
• Integrated front and rear safe guarding.
• The pump motor is active only when the machine is working, reducing electrical consumption and heat.
• Prepared for Industry 4.0
• With 63 dB sound level means13% less noise during operation.
• Movable and adjustable support arms.
• Servo driven (Fast) and CNC controlled (Stable) multiple backgauge configurations from 2 to 6 axis.
• Ergonomic and user-friendly control system.

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