Plate bending machines type AHK

Plate bending machines type AHK are hydraulic 3-roll machines with fully welded steel frame (St-52) and asymmetrical rolls enabling pre-bending of the workpiece. Ideal for sheet material up to 45 mm.

AHK is standard with conical bending device and hardened rolls, and all rolls are crowned to ensure uniform bending. Digital display for both side rolls. Mobile control panel. Drop end opened and closed hydraulically and controlled from control panel. When the drop end is opened, upper roll tilts up automatically. Two bending speeds.

All rolls are mounted in spherical roller bearing. Cone opening and closing controlled via control panel.

All 3 rolls are independently driven by hydraulic motors and gearboxes on the machines whose top roll diameter is 230 mm or larger. As for the machines with a smaller top roll diameter than 230 mm, the top roll is driven by gearbox and lateral rolls are driven by hydraulic motors independently.


  • Working length 1250 - 4100 mm
  • Max sheet thickness 6 - 45 mm

Download below PDF-file "CAPACITIES" to see all models and sizes for plate bending machines type AHK

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